How can I benchmark my system vs. today’s energy efficiency standards? Am I utilizing the latest controllers?


As you know, compressed air is an expensive utility. In fact, 70% of a facility’s energy costs usually come directly from a compressor installation! And given that the single biggest cost associated with making compressed air is the energy required to power the compressor system, knowing your compressor’s efficiency level is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to hitting your energy targets. One of the easiest first steps to implementing an efficient compressor system is to know a few key ways of increasing your compressor system’s energy efficiency. Two of these options include engaging in an air audit or assessment and using the latest in central controller technology.

Air Audits and Assessments. Depending on your existing compressor system, a basic assessment offering insights and improvements for your facility’s functions and efficiency could do the trick! However, a full-scale, comprehensive air audit would provide a deeper level of analysis with more in-depth suggestions and conclusions.

Central Controllers. These can help your compressor system maintain a predetermined pressure within tight limits, as well as provide economic operation for your installation.

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