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5 Tips for Compressed Air Energy Efficiency


Have you looked at your manufacturing facility’s energy bill recently? If you have, chances are you’ve noticed that compressed air accounts for roughly 40% of the total bill – a large percentage that, if you’re not careful, can easily overwhelm your wallet.

Add this to the fact that over the compressor’s lifetime, energy costs are typically several times more than the actual purchasing price of the compressor – consequently, the need to focus on maximizing energy efficiency becomes clear. Here are 5 tips to increase the energy efficiency of your compressed air system:

  1. Fix Existing Leaks. Start with the oldest and biggest pipes; remember that approximately 80 percent of air leaks are not audible, so you may need a third party auditor to help detect leaks.
  2. Perfect the Pressure. Run at required pressures, not beyond. Also remember each 2 psig reduction cuts energy consumption by one percent.
  3. Check Drains. Are your timer condensate drains stuck open? If so, you could be wasting compressed air. Go one step further and replace timer drains with zero-loss drains to save.
  4. Review Piping Infrastructure. Increasing the size of your pipe from two to three inches can reduce pressure drops by up to 50 percent. Shortening the distance air has to travel can further reduce pressure drops by about 20 to 40 percent.
  5. Change Filters. Just as you change the oil in your car at scheduled intervals, be sure to change the filters in your air compressor and air system regularly. This will help with better air quality and assist in preventing pressure drops.

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