Pressure drops, leaks or not enough air?


Making sure that your applications and tools have a proper compressed air supply is essential to your operations; you also want your compressed air system to operate effectively. It can be an issue trying to balance air supply with the end demand, and this balancing act can be thrown off if other challenges are introduced, such as air leaks and pressure drops.

Leaks. Air leaks are a huge source of energy wastage; in fact, these could be the largest source of wasted energy at your facility. Did you know that a single quarter-inch air leak can cost you more than $2,500 in wasted energy costs a year? Now imagine how many leaks could be in your system right now…

Pressure Drops. When pressure is reduced from the compressor discharge to the actual point of use (as it travels through the treatment and piping system), it’s referred to as a pressure drop. Pressure loss should be less than 10%; if it’s more than that, it can cause you system to have excessive energy consumption and poor performance.

Regular leak inspections, reducing the distance air travels through the compressor system, and maintaining a properly-designed distribution system are just a few of the ways that you can ensure that your applications and tools are receiving the correct air supply. Read more below for hints about catching these problems in action, as well as to identify further tips and tricks on how to solve these issues.

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