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How to Eliminate Leaks in the Compressed Air System


Did you know a single quarter-inch air leak at 100 psi can cost as much as $8,000 a year in lost compressed air? In older compressed air systems, up to 20% of the compressed air consumption may be lost through leaks. With today’s energy costs, taking the time to identify and plug leaks can save a facility money, energy and resources in the short term and can prevent larger problems from developing in the long term.

1.       Identify the Leaks

Even the smallest of compressed air system leaks can be a big drain on resources. Where there are leaks in the piping, there are also pressure drops, which force the compressed air system to work harder and use more energy. Eliminating pressure drops throughout the compressed air system has a domino effect that can result in significant and ongoing cost savings.

Try this: Compressed air audits can help a facility identify areas of improvement within the compressed air system infrastructure. There are three types of audits that can help identify leaks in the system. Learn more by reading this blog post: What are the differences between the three basic types of audits in terms of cost and benefit?

2.       Prevent New Leaks

Once leaks have been identified and fixed, it’s important to take steps to prevent new leaks from forming. Dust and moisture in the pipes can lead to new leaks that compromise the system’s efficiency.

Try this: Ongoing and systematic maintenance of the entire compressed air system is the most effective way to prevent new leaks from forming. Be sure to check, clean or replace filters throughout the compressed air system. Filter maintenance goes a long way in decreasing pressure drops and increasing energy efficiency.

Eliminate Leaks Today
Are you interested in learning how to close the energy gap at your facility by eliminating compressed air system leaks? Visit atlascopco.com/energysavings to learn more. If you would like to receive regular tips and articles on compressed air topics, subscribe to receive our weekly recap email.

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