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Optimizing Energy Efficiency with Central Controllers and Remote Monitoring


Many plants are guilty of running their compressors after work hours and using several independently controlled compressors that run at different pressure settings and loads. Without proper control of compressor resources, users can waste substantial amounts of energy.

Central controllers

Luckily, there’s advanced technology available to help mitigate energy waste. Implementing central controllers keeps multiple compressors, dryers and additional measurement equipment working together to match changes in air demand. The controller predicts changes in the system by sensing the load on the compressor and how quickly pressure changes. Using these values, the system can perform calculations to predetermine the air demand and, for example, whether to off-load/load or start/stop the machines. In a correctly dimensioned installation, the pressure fluctuation is kept within ± 0.2 bar. The controller is then able to select the most economical compressor or compressor combination to meet demand.

Remote monitoring

To take full advantage of a central control system, it’s also recommended that users implement remote monitoring for additional insight. Remote monitoring uses machine sensors to collect data on system pressure, temperature, energy consumption and more, so users can see if equipment is functioning appropriately. The remote monitoring system then stores the information for users to access via an online dashboard. With access to the information from virtually anywhere, users have the valuable insights they need to stay on top of maintenance, ordering repair parts, system performance and operational trends.

Having central control and remote monitoring in place keeps compressors, dryers and measurement equipment working together for optimal performance and increased energy efficiency. For more ways to save on energy consumption, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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