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Ask Atlas Copco: What is Remote Monitoring?


Have you ever wanted to check on a machine when you weren’t near the plant floor? Maybe you needed information on the machine’s loaded hours, current energy consumption or its maintenance schedule. Remote monitoring is the ability to monitor machines from virtually anywhere you are using the technology’s automated data collection so you can access information at any time, from anywhere. It provides users with valuable insight while helping them stay on top of any maintenance needs and system failures.

How does remote monitoring work?

Remote monitoring sensors are placed on each of the compressors to monitor temperature, pressure, volume, energy consumption, loaded hours, unloaded hours and other data points. The system’s software can take this data and plot it on a graph so it’s easy to compare the information over specific periods of time. Users can identify trends and maintenance patterns to improve operating efficiencies.

What else can remote monitoring tell me?

Whenever there’s a critical situation, like operating errors, users are instantly notified via email or SMS messaging on their connected mobile devices. Warnings and alerts are sent before a complete system shutdown occurs so employees can address the issue immediately.

Remote monitoring can also notify you when there’s scheduled maintenance. These service checks minimize the unnecessary downtime of having your machines serviced during operating hours.

How do I receive machine information?

Plant managers and employees can receive machine data when they log on to the online dashboard, or when they connect their mobile devices for alerts and warnings.

Adding remote monitoring to your compressor system will help save time and money. Receive automated data throughout the day and notifications if anything is malfunctioning or needs maintenance. You’ll enjoy having peace of mind knowing that your equipment is operating properly without having to physically check your machines and constantly record data points. Stay connected to your machines while saving time and money when you add remote monitoring.

Have you experienced the benefits of using remote monitoring on your compressor system? Leave us a comment below and tell us how it’s helped improve your operating efficiencies. If you’re interested in learning more about remote monitoring, send us a message on our Contact Us page.

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