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Modern Woodcrafts Upgrades Equipment for Increased Efficiency


You may recognize Modern Woodcrafts’ work if you happen to be walking through the Tiffany store in the Plaza Hotel or if you spot some distinct-looking paneling on the 101st floor of the Freedom Tower. Pretty soon, Modern Woodcrafts’ work will also be part Facebook’s New York offices.

Modern Woodcrafts customizes high-end architectural millwork for a variety of spaces, including corporate buildings, retail shops, institutional environments and hospitality locations. To design these specially-crafted interiors, Modern Woodcrafts relies on the use of consistent vacuum pressure for applications such as keeping stationary pieces in place while they’re being cut.

As the company grew, Modern Woodcrafts started running more equipment, which included a total of four dry vane pumps in their manufacturing facility. They quickly realized that the equipment was too noisy and either overworking or completely turned off. It was evident that they needed to replace their pumps with the latest technology that would better meet the company’s quality standards. For reliable performance, Modern Woodcrafts chose Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ Series vacuum pumps to get the job done, and here’s why:


The rotary screw element on the GHS VSD+ Series is proven to be better in overall performance for its consistency and reliability when compared to conventional oil sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps. The GHS VSD+ delivers vacuum to the router tables through a piping network that keeps it at a constant pressure so there’s no pressure loss for end applications. With the latest technology in place, Modern Woodcrafts can rely on the equipment’s high-performance levels without worrying about constant maintenance throughout the year.


The Variable Speed Drive pump solution on the GHS VSD+ operates depending on demand. For instance, when demand drops, the pumps know to slow to a few horsepower and eventually shut down if there is no longer a demand for vacuum pressure. This reduced power draw helps Modern Woodcrafts minimize energy consumption in their facilities with energy savings up to 50 percent.


Modern Woodcrafts’ original dry vane pumps were noisy and disruptive. After switching to the GHS VSD+, they were able to significantly reduce noise pollution in the workplace and relocate the pumps adjacent to their sawdust machines without disruption.

“I love the vacuum project,” says Joe Legere, executive vice president for Modern Woodcrafts. “Everything about it works as we hoped and anticipated, especially the efficiency, dependability and quietness of equipment.”

With better equipment that utilizes modulating vacuum control, Modern Woodcrafts can save on energy consumption while redeploying employees to other areas of operation for increased efficiency. That’s why the Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ Series vacuum pumps was the perfect solution.

Do you use the GHS VSD+ Series? Tell us how these vacuum pumps have helped you improve operations by leaving a comment below. If you’re interested in learning more, contact one of our experts today.


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