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Image of a man carving stone powered by an air compressor
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Stone Carving and Piston Compressors: Old World Trade, Modern Tool


At the American College of Building Arts in Charleston, S.C., a nonprofit educational institution that specializes in teaching the building trade in a liberal arts setting, students learn the time-tested, handwork methods needed in the disciplines of architectural stone, carpentry, forged architectural ironwork, plaster working, preservation masonry or timber framing. Once the students are proficient in the fundamentals of their trade, they learn how to apply modern tools to their craft. An air compressor, for example, makes certain aspects of stone carving easier and faster.

Early in 2011, the head of finance for the college contacted Atlas Copco in search of a new compressor for the stone program. After learning more about the unique school curriculum, Atlas Copco decided to donate a 5hp KT5V-80 piston compressor with an 80 gallon vertical tank to the stone carving program. The college had the system professionally wired and located it in a building adjacent to the students’ covered outdoor work space.

A piston compressor is ideally suited to the start/stop operation of pneumatic tools, which allows a stone carver to remove large amounts of material a lot faster than by hand. The KT5V-80 is a reliable, low maintenance machine that is popular with small businesses including auto body shops, gas stations and repair and maintenance facilities. It’s also built locally in South Carolina.

Atlas Copco is proud to support the American College of Building Arts by donating a compressor to a program that trains skilled workers for an industry Atlas Copco serves.

Contact us for more information on how you can use the KT5V-80 piston compressor in your industry.

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