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Air Compressors

Optimizing Your Compressed Air System: Introducing Our Advanced Master Controllers


As sustainability becomes a crucial goal for many companies, optimizing energy consumption is paramount. One area where significant improvements can be made is the compressed air system. To achieve maximum efficiency, it's important to consider more than just a new system. Our range of master controllers, including Optimizer 4.0, Equalizer 4.0 Pro, and Equalizer 4.0, can revolutionize your compressed air setup and help you reach your sustainability targets. 

Maximizing Efficiency with Master Controllers 

When your compressed air system involves multiple compressors or blowers, it becomes essential to start, stop, and regulate them to meet fluctuations in air demand. In conventional systems, the output pressure often exceeds the required level, leading to unnecessary costs. Our master controllers offer a smarter solution by automating compressor operation, enhancing system stability, minimizing wear, and achieving optimal energy efficiency. These controllers are fully automated, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. 

Introducing the Master Controllers  

Our lineup of master controllers comprises Optimizer 4.0, Equalizer 4.0 Pro, and Equalizer 4.0, each offering distinct features to cater to your specific needs. While all controllers are wall-mounted, they differ in terms of functionalities and compatibility with certain equipment. 

Equalizer 4.0: Ideal for basic control and sequencing, the Equalizer 4.0 is not compatible with Turbos, ZB, or Boosters. It can be connected to one compressed air network and can handle 2/4/6 compressors, including LNL or VSD compressors. 

Equalizer 4.0 Pro: The Equalizer 4.0 Pro builds upon the basic control and sequencing features of its predecessor. It is also not compatible with Turbos, ZB, or Boosters, and can connect to one compressed air network. The Equalizer 4.0 Pro, however, offers an expanded capacity, visualizations and data as well as the ability to load share 4/8 compressors, including LNL and VSD varieties of 315kW and below. 

Optimizer 4.0: For the most advanced control and optimization capabilities, the Optimizer 4.0 is the ultimate choice. Compatible with Turbos, ZB, and Boosters, it can be connected to up to three compressed air networks. Please note that additional licenses and costs are required for each compressed air network after the first. The Optimizer 4.0 can efficiently manage up to 30 compressors and monitor up to 30 dryers and is compatible with LNL, VSD, Turbo, and Blower types. 

Benefits and Energy Savings 

All our master controllers can control other brands of machines. It's important to note that each 1 bar pressure reduction results in a remarkable 7% reduction in energy consumption and a 13% decrease in leaks. By selecting the appropriate controller for your facility, you can optimize your compressed air system and achieve substantial energy savings. 

Choosing the Right Controller for Your Needs 

To determine which master controller suits your requirements, consider factors such as the type of compressed air equipment in your facility, the number of machines involved, and the desired level of control and optimization. Our experts are available to answer any further questions you may have, so don't hesitate to reach out and make an informed decision today. 

When it comes to optimizing your compressed air system, relying on advanced master controllers can be a game-changer. Our range of controllers, including the Optimizer 4.0, Equalizer 4.0 Pro, and Equalizer 4.0, offer automated operation, enhanced efficiency, and improved system stability. By selecting the right controller for your needs, you can effectively manage energy consumption, reduce costs, and contribute to your company's sustainability goals. Contact our experts. 


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