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Why You Should Optimize Your Compressed Air System Today


What are you doing to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced and global manufacturing world? Seeking out the best talent, upgrading to state-of-the-art equipment and developing efficient and sustainable practices are all ways to remain competitive, increase productivity and grow your market share.

Did you know that compressed air typically accounts for up to 40% of a manufacturing facility’s total energy bill? In addition, energy consumption typically represents approximately 80% of the overall cost of a compressed air installation. This means there is a huge potential for savings currently sitting in your facility’s compressor room.

A compressed air installation often reflects the history of a company through expansion and upgrades. However, this doesn’t always add up to the most cost-effective or efficient compressed air system. An optimization specialist can look at the entire compressed air installation, covering air demand, supply and distribution, to identify the areas that represent the most energy savings potential.

There are six steps to optimization:

  • A visual inspection identifies areas of optimization.
  • The assessment includes air audits and calculations to determine potential savings.
  • Recommendations range from simple leak repairs to compressor equipment upgrades.
  • The implementation of the recommendations starts saving energy right away.
  • Measurement through a remote monitoring system tracks savings and ensures reliability.
  • Ongoing assessments through air audits safeguard energy savings and help you identify future savings potential.

The benefits of compressed air system optimization – maintaining profitability while reducing energy costs, CO2 emissions and your facility’s environmental footprint – are ongoing and can help your company establish and maintain a competitive edge in today’s global manufacturing world.

Are you ready to optimize your compressed air system? Contact us to get started today.

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