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What’s Your 2024 Compressed Air Resolution?


A new year means a fresh start and new resolutions. But have you thought about a resolution for your compressed air system? Doing so can lead you to energy recovery and added efficiency towards your operations. If you're not sure where to start, check out our five suggestions to think about as we kick off the new year.

Take a look UP

Your piping system could be the key to significant savings. With an air leak estimated to cost around $2,500 per year, those pipes are a potential goldmine for savings. Remember that not all air leaks are audible, so ultra-sonic equipment might be needed to inspect those pipes thoroughly. If you’ve never had an AIRScan, make 2024 the year to put that right.


Energy Recovery

Did you know that an air compressor could also be the key to reducing fossil fuel usage? By reusing the heat of compression, you can get a head-start on the need for warm water and, as one example, save thousands on your heating bill. In many instances, Energy Recovery Systems can also be fitted to existing compressors and don’t require much space.


Control Systems

Do you have the right tools to make your equipment work perfectly in harmony? A central control system will do the critical thinking for you and ensure your system is working efficiently. Most control systems can also work with multiple brands of air compressors. Remote connectivity, diagnostics, and early detection of any issues is a must for any production site as we embark on 2024.


Make Your Own Gases

Your make your own compressed air, so what about nitrogen or oxygen too? The good news is that if you have a compressor, you are likely already 50% of the way there. By adding a small generator, you have built the system you need to enable you to take control of your gas availability, delivery, purity and price!


Have a Plan

“What if?” is a question we have all asked ourselves on multiple occasions. Since compressed air is critical to any site, what happens if your compressor is not working? Do you have a backup? Do you have a plan to allow essential predictive maintenance to happen? How will I cope if my production doubles or if I need to reduce my capacity? A compressed air plan is essential to your production facility and let us help you make one.


With these resolutions in place, you’re on the path towards energy savings optimized performance! If you have any questions or want to implement these resolutions, contact our team of experts to get you started in 2024.



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