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Start Your Efficiency Journey with a System Audit


2020 marks not only the start of a new year, but a brand-new decade! As you and your colleagues are busy planning your business needs for the upcoming year, one thing to take into account is the health of your compressed air, gas, and vacuum system. Do you engage in regular service and preventative maintenance? Is your equipment aging quickly – and are you utilizing the latest in central controllers and optimization tools?

If it’s been a while since you’ve dusted off grime from your compressors or taken a hard look at available options that can lower your energy bill, conducting a system audit could be the ticket for improvement. You could even think of this as an end-of-the-year gift for your facility!

We offer 3 types of system audits, each one tailored to fit your specific needs, and all are performed regardless of the brand of equipment.

  • Visual Inspection Audit. An air expert will visit your facility, walking through the compressor room and inspecting all equipment; this includes your valves, piping, and components. They also provide a full overview of how you use air in your facility.
  • Data Logging Audit. During this service, a data-logging box is added to your equipment, where it monitors and measures the output over a week. A report is then generated that outlines your system’s electrical usage.
  • Full-Service Audit. This audit is all about the data and involves the latest test equipment and ultra-sonic detectors. Our air experts walk through the entire facility, inspecting your system from top to bottom; no square inch of it is left unchecked.

No matter the level of audit that you chose, you’ll gain valuable insight into how your air, gas, or vacuum system is performing. You’ll also be given suggestions (even comprehensive reports, depending on the level you select) of ways you can improve the efficiency of your system – and thus improve your bottom line.


Ready to schedule your audit, or want to explore more about our Service and Parts offerings? Visit us at www.atlascopco.com/air-usa!

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