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VSD Compressor
Energy Savings VSD Compressors

What is a VSD Compressor and How Does it Work?


There is a lot to consider when looking at different air compressors for your business. It is hard to know where to start. One of the most popular air compressor choices is a VSD compressor. VSD stands for variable speed drive. But what does variable speed drive mean? VSD is a technology that automatically adjusts the compressor’s motor speed to the compressed air demand in real-time.

A variable speed drive or VSD Compressor can save a lot of energy and money. Depending on which type of VSD compressor you use, energy consumption could drop by up to 60%.

To understand how this is possible, we must first look at a VSD compressor’s different components.

The motor and inverter

To adjust the compressors speed (RPM), an inverter is needed. Instead of sending all the power directly into a traditional AC motor that runs at full capacity, the inverter provides the VSD compressor only with the specific frequency required to meet whatever the current demand requires.

The element

The best compressor to be a VSD compressor is a rotary screw compressor. It’s flow rate and power consumption are virtually proportional to speed, meaning the motor adapts its speed to reflect the current demand and the rotary screw elements adapt in sync so the amount of compressed air being delivered matches that demand.

The brain

Variable speed drive, or VSD is a smart technology that requires a “brain”. In the case of our VSD compressors, that is the Elektronikon® on-board controller. Sensors continually measure system pressure, temperature, and in the latest premium VSD compressor, even relative humidity. In response to this data, the system adjusts the motor speed to meet the actual air demand.

It is easy to see that when the air demand of an operation fluctuates, a VSD compressor excels, this is because, while air is free, power is not. Therefore, a compressor that can adjust the amount of power it uses with the needs of the operation is able to save you energy and money.

To learn more about our VSD compressors, read our e-book today.

If you are not sure if a VSD compressor is right for you, please contact our experts.

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