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Controlling Multiple Compressors with One Central Controller


In a multiple compressor setup, the central controller is responsible for orchestrating multiple compressors to match variable demand by choosing the best combination of machines. The controller links all compressors and dryers, and regulates system pressure through starting/stopping compressors and controlling variable speed drive (VSD) speed.

With the use of this technology:

  • A tighter pressure band is achieved, resulting in lower energy costs and increased system stability.
  • Multiple pressure bands can be set to avoid wasting energy during nonproductive hours.
  • Status and operating parameters (i.e., flow, pressure, etc.) of each connected compressor can be consulted on a clear interface.
  • The system can alert operators with upcoming maintenance requirements to avoid premature wear and unnecessary shutdowns. 

Central Control Options

Depending on the manufacturer, there can be different types of central control systems available. At Atlas Copco, we recently unveiled a new generation of centralized controllers – the Optimizer 4.0. The controller selects the most efficient combination of defined working pressures while balancing the units’ running hours to prevent unequal wear of compressors and minimize service intervals. Using its highly intuitive interface, users can access each machine’s performance data and energy consumption, as well as insight into how the whole system is doing.

To learn more about central control systems and how they can improve your bottom line, reach out to an Atlas Copco expert.

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