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Compressor Control System - A Simple Solution for a Complicated Problem


Sometimes complicated problems have relatively simple solutions. But sometimes, solutions only seem simple due to the technology deployed to solve them.

Recently, a large multi-service public utility provider asked Atlas Copco to review their compressed air system. The utility was struggling with an ongoing and somewhat complicated problem: if one compressor out of five had to be taken offline, it almost always pulled down another unit, overloading the system’s capacity and causing service interruptions.

After analyzing the utility’s system, the Atlas Copco team suggested a system reconfiguration that included an integrated compressor control system. A control system monitors and adjusts the compressor load and deploys a system that alters the compressor mix, selecting the best adjusted combination to ensure optimal productivity.

With some minor modifications, the controller began monitoring and directing the system’s various components, including dryers and valves. This eliminated system failures, properly divided operating times among compressors and relegated the back-up compressors to exactly that – serving as a redundancy, rather than an over-reliant crutch.

The changes reduced the system’s overall pressure load from 100 psi to 85 psi, resulting in savings that could then be passed along to the utility’s customers.

In the case of this large utility provider, optimal productivity led to a reduced energy dependence, which led to immediate cost savings, while extending the life of the five compressors due to more even, regulated use. And, of course all of this leads to even more savings down the road.

If you’re experiencing a puzzling air compressor issue, let our experienced team perform a comprehensive audit or air scan to uncover ways to optimize your system and save you money. Using the information discovered during the assessment, our team of compressed air analysts will compile a comprehensive and detailed report, including cost analysis, graphs and the suggested starting points needed to improve your compressed air system.

For more information, send us a note. And, if you’ve solved a complicated compressed air problem with a “simple” solution, we’d like to hear about it. So, please leave us a comment.

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