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Top 5 Compressed Air and Gas Blog Posts of 2020


It’s hard to believe, but another year is coming to an end. As things are slowing down and we begin to prepare for 2021, let’s celebrate the closing of 2020 by revisiting the year’s five most popular blog posts! We covered a wide variety of compressed air and gas topics, and we especially made a point to get back to the basics. We even launched our Compressed Air and Gas: A-Z vlog series (be sure to check out our vlogs on refrigerant dryers and screw air compressors)! How do the core air and gas technologies work? How do these essential pieces of equipment play a role in specific industries? So, without further ado – presenting the Top 5 Posts of 2020!

Top Post #1: Pressure Regulation Methods for Compressed Air Systems

Enacting a form of pressure regulation for your compressor system is essential to avoid unnecessary energy costs, as well as to prevent compromising other compressed air system components. Discover the benefits of pressure regulation for your compressed air system, as well as the five types of pressure regulation systems you can use.

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Top Post #2: How to Remove Moisture from Compressed Air

Atmospheric air contains moisture which, when compressed, condenses into liquid. The issue? Compressor systems rely on clean, dry air to operate, so liquid moisture is detrimental for system performance. Let’s find out exactly what troubles liquid water in air systems can cause, as well as discuss the solutions that will remove the moisture!

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Top Post #3: Fast vs. Slow Oxidation: What’s the Difference?

Oxidation is the reaction that any substance has with oxygen, but is perhaps best recognized by the rusty, burnt orange corrosion. It takes two forms: fast oxidation and slow oxidation. This blog post covers the difference between the two; it also highlights the need to control oxidation and provides an overview of how nitrogen (an inert gas) can help achieve that.

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Top Post #4: Principles of a Rotary Screw Compressor

The rotary screw compressor is a mainstay of the industrial world and is one of the two most common compressor technologies on the market today. They deliver a constant supply of energy, and when properly sized, they are one of the more efficient forms of compressed air delivery around. Dive into the world of screw compressors by discovering how they work and the differences between oil-free and oil-injected screw compressors.

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Top Post #5: How it Works: Nitrogen Generation

Bottled nitrogen is for the dinosaurs! Generating your own nitrogen on-site offers distinct advantages over delivered nitrogen, including lower overall cost, no wait time, guaranteed purity, increased safety, and environmental friendliness. You’ll also learn more about the two types of nitrogen generators: PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) and membrane technologies.

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Thank you for being such loyal readers throughout the year, and we look forward to "seeing" you in 2021!

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