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Air Compressors

Top 5 Compressed Air and Gas Articles of 2022


It’s 2023. I am still not sure how that happened. I feel like just yesterday we were welcoming 2022 with open arms. With the close of one of our busiest years yet, we are gearing up for all new content. Now, as 2023 starts, let’s take a look back at our five most popular blog posts of the year:

Top Post #1: Compressed CO2 vs Compressed Air

What is the difference between CO2 and compressed air?

Like regular air, carbon dioxide (CO2) is compressible. Although both qualify as gasses, most similarities end there. There are many differences between the two, though, so let’s take a look at what sets them apart.  

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Top Post #2: Cookout Season is Here: Keeping Food Fresh with Nitrogen

With Summer quickly approaching, and barbeques in full swing, did you ever really think about how your favorite BBQ staples are kept safe and fresh? What would a cookout be without fresh fruit salad, crisp potato chips, fresh hotdogs, and juicy hamburgers? But as we know it takes time for the food to make it from food processing and packaging plants to our tables. So, what keeps the food fresh in the meantime? The short answer: Nitrogen.

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Top Post #3: Let’s Explore Pressure Drop

Many of us across the country have been experiencing a temperature drop over the last few weeks. Even here in the Carolinas we have seen snow for the last 3 weekends! Did you know that cold air is more dense than warm air and cold air masses are associated with lower pressure at a given height? That got us thinking that it might be a good time take a refresher on pressure drop inside compressed air systems. 

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Top Post #4: This Thanksgiving – We’re Thankful for Compressed Air, Gas and Vacuum

On Thanksgiving Day, and somewhere strategically planned between the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the big game lies one of America’s favorite Holiday traditions – the Thanksgiving feast. While not everyone’s menu mirrors Norman Rockwell’s masterpiece of the perfect Holiday meal, one might assume it would include turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner rolls, corn, a casserole that Aunt Bethany made with whatever was close to expiring in her pantry and pies baked to perfection.

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Top Post #5: Air Compressors for Snowmaking

What do snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing, and snowmobiling have in common? The answer is quite obvious – snow! As staples of resorts across the globe, these iconic winter sports are only possible if that white, wintery precipitation falls from the sky and blankets the mountains…or so you thought. This is where air compressors come in, which are essential to creating the perfect powder that you see while shredding the slopes. In many resort locations, the amount of natural snowfall isn’t enough to meet the snow level requirements; hence artificial snow, powered by snowmaking compressors, is produced to help reach optimal snow levels and ensure that these recreational activities continue uninterrupted.

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We’d like to thank each one of our readers for making 2022 one of our most successful years yet! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

As always, you can stay up-to-date with us by visiting www.atlascopco.com/air-usa!

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