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History Atlas Copco

Leaping 151 Years to the Past...


As we celebrate the Leap Day, we're leaping back to 151 years ago when Atlas Copco was first founded. Let's travel through time to explore the history of Atlas Copco and uncover the pivotal moments that shaped one of the world's leading industrial manufacturers.

1873: AB Atlas was founded as a supplier to Swedish rail and built workshops on 70,000 square meters in Stockholm. It becomes Sweden's largest engineering company within two years.

1886: The railway industry slows down, and Atlas falls into financial trouble. Owner K.A. Wallenberg wanted to sell the company but ended up reconstructing it and renaming it Nya Atlas (New Atlas) in 1890.

1892: On travels to England and the United States, an employee buys a pneumatic riveter and a pneumatic caulking hammer. Atlas soon learns to make their own pneumatic tools – which others want to buy. A whole new business is born.

1901: The company started an entire pneumatics department, making air compressors. Fifteen years later, it accounts for more than 50% of the company's revenues.

1917: The Wallenberg's merge their two holdings Nya Atlas and Diesel Motorer – to create Atlas Diesel.

1925: Atlas Diesel moves production of air compressor tools to Sickla outside Stockholm. All production is now and still the site for the company's headquarters.

1956: After having ceased all diesel engine operations in 1948, the company made its first major international acquisition: Belgian compressor manufacturer Arpic Engineering. The same year, the company changed its name to Atlas Copco. “Copco” stands for “Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale.”

1984: Two employees start the Water for All initiative, giving people access to clean water and better sanitary solutions worldwide.

1984: Atlas Copco assists at an excavation in Australia – and gets a dinosaur named after it: the Atlascopcosaurus loadsi.

2017: A new business area, Vacuum Technique, is founded after two significant acquisitions – Edwards in 2014 and Leybold in 2016 – making the Atlas Copco Group a substantial player within Vacuum.

2023: Atlas Copco celebrates its 150th anniversary!

From its humble beginnings to global leadership, Atlas Copco's journey shows a determined spirit of progress and innovation for a better future. As we celebrate this leap year, let's appreciate Atlas Copco's strides, and celebrate its history and culture! 

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