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Three Myths About CAN


CAN, or Controller Area Networking, is a great method for remote controlling and monitoring. When it comes to compressors, this system is ideal, because it keeps your machines in communication to ensure processes are running smoothly and any potential issues are identified before they cause problems.

Despite its usefulness, there are widespread misunderstandings about the technology and its application with compressors. Luckily, we’re here to help. Take a look at misconceptions about CAN, and the truth behind the myths:

  1. CAN is expensive — False. While some people may view CAN as an expensive option, this is only true when considering the cost per meter of cable. However, CAN is cheaper overall.
  1. CAN is not standard — In fact, CAN is a standard communication method and is widely used, including in applications such as in-vehicle systems, agricultural machinery and elevators.
  1. CAN is difficult — CAN is actually faster and cheaper to install than traditional wiring. It may seem difficult at first, but so is any unfamiliar technology. If you are concerned about installation, reach out to an expert for assistance. Once the system is installed and running, it’s easy to use.

A CAN system makes data available for all devices on the network for easy, streamlined and accurate communication. It is inexpensive, standard and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for central and remote compressor control and monitoring.

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