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Reliable Machinery for Quality Italian Pasta


When you’re thinking of Italian cuisine, pasta is likely one of the first things that comes to mind. For Italians, it’s a sacred dish that was brought over to Italy by Marco Polo in the 13th century. It is now enjoyed across all regions of the country where there thousands of types of pasta.

The word pasta means “paste” in Italian. It references the dough made from a combination of flour and water or eggs. Although many believe the best pasta is made fresh, well-respected Italian chefs and home cooks alike agree that pasta secca, or dried pasta, can be just as good. That’s why La Molisana is so popular. 

La Molisana was founded in 1912 in Campobasso, Italy, making them one of the oldest pasta makers in the country. Averaging around 40,000 packs of pasta per day, La Molisana uses reliable machinery to deliver customer a consistent, high-quality product.

La Molisana’s packaging operations require two critical components:

  • Vacuum – to dry the pasta in addition to extracting oxygen from the packaging to extend the shelf life and improve the pasta’s color and smell. La Molisana uses Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ for vacuum processes throughout their production facility.
  • Oil-free compressed air – to power actuators, clean equipment, pressurize vessels and transport products. La Molisana trusts Atlas Copco’s Z range compressors for Class 0 oil- free air, which guarantees that no oil will come in contact with the end product and cause quality issues.

Without Atlas Copco machinery, La Molisana would not be able to power it’s large-scale pasta production. Today, the company distributes its pasta all over the world. U.S. customers can find La Molisana in popular stores including Wal-Mart, World Market and Kroger for a taste of real Italian pasta.

For more information on how Atlas Copco’s vacuum pumps and oil-free compressors are used in the food and beverage industry, contact an Atlas Copco expert today.

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