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Maintaining Your Compressor with Genuine Spare Parts


Every air compressor part is subject to wear and tear and needs to be replaced at certain intervals. As the manufacturer, we know exactly which air compressor spare parts are needed and when. Not only do we offer service packages to help maintain this equipment, but they also carry space parts for those who maintain their air compressors themselves.

Genuine parts are the only ones designed for you air compressor, manufactured, and tested according to the most stringent standards. Using non-genuine spare parts can put your entire compressed air system at risk.

Each component in a compressor is essential to the overall compressor performance, providing the reliability, the long life and energy efficiency you expect. Genuine quality spare parts keep your machine running smoothly.

Operating conditions are important when considering the life span of a compressor and its components. Lubricating oil and filters are on the front lines when it comes to protecting a machine, making it important to protect the performance, reliability, and life your Atlas Copco compressors with genuine Atlas Copco spare parts. Our parts are developed in-house and thoroughly tested to protect your compressor from premature and avoidable failures.

Using non-genuine parts has some risks.

  • General specifications resulting in loss of performance and efficiency – most third-party replacement parts are not specifically designed for a particular type of compressor, but rather, cheaper parts that can fit into multiple machines – even produced by different manufacturers. This means that compromises are made during development of these parts to endure compatibility with as many models as possible.
  • High energy costs and risk of failure – Using third-party replacement parts could result in a higher pressure drop that genuine Atlas Copco parts. This increases the machine’s energy consumptions and can even cause the compressor to fail.
  • The purchase price is not the only cost you have to pay – When selecting a filter to replace the one in your compressor it is important to know there is a specific filter for almost every type of cleanliness level. This means users should not just look at purchase price, but also criteria such as quality, efficiency, differential pressure, and service life until the next service. Buying the wrong one could cost you more in maintenance in the long run.

If you are looking for some replacement parts and still have questions about what parts are right for you, please reach out to one of our experts today. 

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