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Atlas Copco Controller

Atlas Copco to Exhibit at 2018 PACK EXPO


Atlas Copco will be heading to Chicago, IL, from Oct. 14-17 to exhibit at PACK EXPO. At the show, Atlas Copco will showcase the new DHS series of dry screw vacuum pumps, the GHS VSD+ rotary screw pumps and the GVS A rotary vane pumps. Attendees are invited to stop by booth E-9835 to learn more about the latest vacuum technologies.

New DHS dry screw vacuum pumps

The new DHS series of dry screw vacuum pumps are extremely compact and quiet oil-free vacuum pumps optimized for food packaging applications. The pump series outperforms existing oil-sealed technologies in the 1-300 mbar(a) (29.9 – 21.1” HgV) vacuum range, making them ideal for food packaging applications such as skin and MAP packaging. As the only air-cooled vacuum pumps available, the technology eliminates the need for costly and inconvenient water cooling. The DHS series is the only commercially available corrosion-resistant aluminum screw vacuum pumps that also incorporate a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) controller to eliminate most electrical installation and integration hardware.

GHS VSD+ dry vane vacuum pumps

Unlike conventional oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps, the GHS VSD+ is much quieter and easy to install with plug-and-play installation. All pumps come equipped with Elektronikon controllers that can be integrated into a process control system for remote monitoring. Users can easily connect the controllers with their mobile devices through the Atlas Copco SMARTLINK system for access to machine data anytime, anywhere. Similar to the GA VSD+ compressor, these vacuum pumps also utilize VSD technology for energy savings up to 50 percent. 

GVS A oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps

The latest GVS A range of oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are cooler, quieter and up to 15 percent more efficient that the previous GVS range. To ensure reliability, the GVS A pumps provide high oil retention levels at all operating pressures. The pumps operate with internal injection channels, reducing the number of gaskets and external piping required. In total, the number of components has reduced by 20 percent, and the risk of leakages and failures further been minimized.

PACK EXPO is the world’s largest packaging show, attracting 50,000 attendees and over 2,500 exhibitors. For more information, or to register, please visit the PACK EXPO website.

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