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Exhibition Recap: The IWF International Woodworking Fair


This past week we had the opportunity to exhibit at the IWF International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, which every two years hosts tens of thousands of attendees representing more than 30 business sectors. The weeklong event serves the world’s largest woodworking market, showcasing the industry’s newest technology for powering machinery, components, and materials. For the global woodworking community - small shops and major manufacturers alike, the IWF is the main show to network and learn about the industries' newest trends.  


Of course, this was the perfect opportunity for our team to not only learn more about the industry, but to highlight the wide range of intelligently designed compressed air and vacuum solutions we offer for the woodworking industry. From conveying and sanding, to holding and laminating, reliable compressed air and vacuum are essential to a variety of applications in every woodshop. Three of the most talked about Atlas Copco products at the show were the G5 rotary screw air compressor, the GHS VSD+ rotary screw vacuum pump, and the DZS dry claw vacuum pump.  


It’s no surprise the G5 oil-lubricated rotary screw compressor was turning heads at the show. The compact and quiet plug-and-play compressor came to our booth fully loaded with an integrated air dryer and tank mounted. For applications like those found in the working industry, this small but mighty unit is incredibly efficient, boasts low operating noise levels, minimal oil carryover, and low cost of ownership. 


Also attracting a lot of attention at the show were two of our vacuum pumps that are becoming increasingly popular options for vacuum table hold down applications. The GHS VSD+ rotary screw vacuum pump and the DZS dry claw vacuum pump are both reliable energy efficient solutions that, depending on the size of your operation, are the perfect solution for centralizing your vacuum system or staying closer to home with a point-of-use pump. Either way, both vacuum pumps feature a plug-and-play design, quiet operation, easy maintenance, and a minimal shop floor footprint. 


One of the key takeaways from the show is that this industry is alive and well. Industry leaders were excited to learn about all the new and innovative technology and had a positive outlook on what is in store for the woodworking industry in the coming years. The attendance was incredible for the entirety of the event, and show organizers expect an even better turnout for the 2024 show. Until then, we will do what we always do and continue to develop innovative sustainable solutions that will drive the woodworking industry forward.  

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