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Designing an Efficient Compressor Room: Foundations and Intake Air


A few weeks ago, we began sharing tips on how to design an efficient compressor room. We discussed the benefit of a centralized compressor room and things to consider if your compressor package has to be installed in a shared space or outside rather than in a dedicated compressor room. Once the location has been decided, the next step is to consider the foundation of the compressor room and the quality of the intake air.

Solid Foundation and Anti-Vibration

Normally, a flat floor of sufficient weight capacity is required when choosing a compressor room. Large compressors require a concrete slab foundation and the foundation should be anchored to a solid soil base or bedrock. Many plants already incorporate features to minimize externally-produced vibration. However, in systems with centrifugal compressors, it may be necessary to vibration dampen the compressor room’s foundation.

To ensure a clean and orderly compressor room, a plinth can be used for each compressor package. This allows the floor underneath the compressor to be maintained on a regular basis.

Intake Air

Clean intake air is important for the proper operation of an air compressor. Particles of dirt can damage the compressor over time. The air inlet is located at the opening of the sound-reducing enclosure, but it can also be placed remotely. If the surrounding air has a high dust concentration, a pre-filter should be used.

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