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Oil-Injected Air Compressors
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Compressed Air Powers Valentine’s Day Treats


When you think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? No doubt flowers, sentimental cards, and expressions of love spring to the top of the list. But the most iconic part of the holiday is, arguably, candy hearts - specifically Brach’s Conversation Hearts that are sold in the months leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Sweet Treats for a Sweet Day

Brach’s Confections, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of staple and seasonal candies in the United States. As such, the company is perfectly situated to meet the high demand for candy hearts. In fact, each year consumers purchase almost 8 billion candy hearts between January 1stand February 14th! This demand is expected to increase as the selection of candy hearts expands to include new sizes, flavors, and sayings.

Compressed Air Powers Confection Production

Compressed air is an essential aspect of the production of Brach’s confections. Their Winona, Minnesota facility produces almost 30 million pounds of sweet treats annually and features five GA series compressors for base-load as well as trim and weekend use. Cleanliness and reliability are essential to the facility’s operation, as the compressed air encounters food throughout production. With this in mind, the compressed air is cleaned through a pair of refrigerated air dryers and a series of high efficiency main line filters, and food grade lubricant is utilized to ensure that the candy you eat is safe and delicious.


Want to learn more? Read Compressed Air and Brach’s Confections, our customer story highlighting how Brach’s Confections, Inc. utilizes Atlas Copco compressed air equipment in its day-to-day operations.

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