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Tennessee Brewery Uses Oil-Free Technology for Quality Beer


The rise of craft beer continues to draw the masses, and it’s no different in Music City. Nashville beer aficionados can drink their way through 21 breweries across the city to find a personal favorite — double IPAs, unfiltered brews, fruity sours or barrel-aged beers. If you ask a typical beer drinker what sets one beer apart from another, many will tell you it’s in the quality of the beer. Whether it’s the taste, ingredients, freshness or flavor, the beer’s overall quality is key.

Quality sits at the heart of Fat Bottom Brewing. Founded in 2012, owner Ben Bredesen has strived for quality in every aspect of the brewery. Bredesen’s knack for perfecting his recipes quickly garnered a loyal following in East Nashville where business exploded once the brewery started canning.

In 2015, Bredesen decided to move Fat Bottom into a larger space in West Nashville. The new 33,000-square-foot facility currently houses their brewing and canning operations, a taproom, restaurant, beer garden and private event space. To produce a higher-quality beer for more customers, Fat Bottom upgraded their oil-injected piston compressor to the oil-free Atlas Copco SF22 scroll compressor. 

Features of the SF22

  • Delivers clean, dry air to ensure that no oil infiltrates any part of the brewing.
  • Scroll compressors operate at lower rpm’s, thereby reducing noise pollution in the brewery.
  • With a minimal number of moving parts, the compressor’s operating life is extended and service requirements are limited.

Upgrading to Atlas Copco’s SF22 scroll compressor meant that Bredesen could produce larger volumes of beer at the high-quality level he desires. The Atlas Copco SF22 has helped Fat Bottom produce close to 7,500 barrels of beer while simultaneously improving energy efficiency due to the compressor’s ability to control air output according to demand.

To learn more about oil-free compressors and their benefits for brewing, contact an Atlas Copco expert today.

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