The CAGI Performance Verification Program for Rotary Compressors


Who is CAGI?

Founded in 1915, Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) is the united voice for the compressed air industry and serves as the unbiased authority on technical, educational and promotional matters that affect the industry. 

CAGI fulfills its mission through the following objectives: 

  • Promoting cooperation among members for improved production, proper use and increased distribution of compressors and related equipment
  • Developing/publishing standards and engineering data for compressors and related equipment
  • Increasing the use of compressed air, promoting its safe use and improving the quality/efficiency of compressed air systems
  • Collecting and distributing valuable information to CAGI members and the general public
  • Engaging in cooperative education and research activities
  • Cooperating with governmental departments, agencies and other bodies in matters affecting the industry
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