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Air Treatment

Why Your Compressor System Needs an Air Receiver


Air receivers, which are also called air compressor tanks or compressed air storage tank, aren’t merely compressed air ancillary products; they’re essential additions to your compressed air system that act as temporary storage to accommodate your system’s peak demand, as well as help optimize your system’s efficiency. These compressor accessories are available in a range of sizes, as well as come in either horizontal or vertical configurations.

Benefits of Using an Air Receiver

No matter the size of your compressed air system, air receivers offer numerous advantages for your compressed air installation:

  • Compressed Air Storage. As we mentioned above, air receiver tanks are a type of ancillary compressed air equipment that provide temporary storage for compressed air before it enters the piping system or other equipment in the compressor system.
  • Constant, Consistent System Pressure. Air receivers act as a buffer between the compressor itself and any pressure fluctuations brought on by changing demand, ensuring that you’re able meet your system demand (even peak demand!) while simultaneously have a consistent supply of compressed air. Air in the receiver tank is even available when the compressor isn’t running! This also help to eliminate your compressor system from over-pressurization or short-cycling.
  • Prevents Unnecessary System Wear and Tear. When your compressor system needs more air, the compressor motor will cycle to meet this demand. However, when your system includes an air receiver, the air available in the tank helps prevent the motor from excessive unloading or unloading and helps reduce compressor cycling.
  • Reduces Compressed Air Wastage. Compressed air is wasted each time the compressor system cycles on and off, as the sump tank (oil tank) is vented, which releases compressed air. Because air receivers help to decrease the number of times a compressor cycles on and off, the amount of compressed air that is wasted during cycling can be substantially decreased.
  • Condensation/Moisture Reduction. That moisture (in the form of water vapor) that is present in your system condensates during the compression process. Though other compressor ancillary equipment is specifically engineered to treat wet air (i.e. aftercoolers and air dryers), air receivers also help decrease the amount of moisture in the system. Tanks collect condensation into moisture traps, which you can then quickly drain when needed.

Want to learn more about air receivers and the benefits they can bring to your compressor system? Visit us at www.atlascopco.com/air-usa!


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