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Food & Beverage Nitrogen Generators

Why Replace CO2 with Nitrogen in your Brewery


Using nitrogen is not about fully replacing CO2, but it can reduce their consumption of CO2 by close to 70%. Using nitrogen is about sustainability. Creating your own nitrogen is easy and will reduce the use of a greenhouse gas, which is better for the environment. It will also save you money as early as month one adding that savings to your bottom line.

This might leave you wondering what part of the brewing process nitrogen is used in. The answer is throughout the whole process.

  • Brewing – The Nitrogen makes the tank oxygen-free; it keeps wort, beer, and residual mash from oxidizing and contaminating the beer.
  • Packaging – Nitrogen can be used to put beer from one take to the next, also it is the ideal gas for cleaning, inerting, and pressurizing kegs, bottles, and cans before filling.
  • Serving process - who doesn't love a good nitro beer? Nitrogen is a great addition to any beer. 

Another reason to consider making your own nitrogen is the concern that CO2 is experiencing supply shortages driving the cost of the gas up. Some breweries are concerned about keeping up with demand and keeping prices consistent.

So, we said creating your own nitrogen is easy and it is, if your brewery already has an air compressor you are already 50 percent of the way there – adding a small nitrogen generator is all you need to do. A nitrogen generator separates the nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules within compressed air, resulting in a purified supply on nitrogen.

The idea of creating your own nitrogen is certainly intriguing but getting started might seem overwhelming. Here are four core questions to estimate the size of the nitrogen generator you would need.

  1. What are the sizes of your FVs (fermenting vessels) and BBTs (brite tanks)?
  2. Do your inert tanks transfer products or packages at the same time?
  3. What is your transfer rate for packaging (cans, bottles, kegs)?
  4. What else do you use nitrogen or CO2 for?

Nitrogen generators are as close to ‘fit and forget’ as possible. Some consumables such as filters need to be changed regularly, but service is often around every 4,000 hours. The same team that takes care of your air compressor would service your generator at the same time.

The nitrogen generator of your choice comes with a simple controller and comes with full remote monitoring capability via an app.

Still not sure if nitrogen generation is right for your brewery? Hear from one of our customers who made the switch:

If you have any questions, please contact one of our nitrogen experts. Contact now!

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