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Nitrogen Generators

Kick the Contract! Switch to On-Site Nitrogen Generation


Your business uses nitrogen – perhaps a whole lot of it. You rely on nitrogen tank deliveries to provide the exact supply you need to keep your application up and running, but the tank replacements themselves result in both downtime and increased labor costs. To top it off, you’re locked into a contract with the gas company. Does this situation sound familiar?

If it does, it may be time to rethink how you receive your nitrogen supply. Instead of relying on nitrogen tank rental and delivery, on-site nitrogen generation could be the optimal solution to your nitrogen needs. Below we cover the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation - what we’re calling the better P.R.I.C.E. of nitrogen generators!

Purity control. Tanked nitrogen is 99.9% pure – but unless your application requires this purity level, you are paying too much for your tanked nitrogen. The costs associated with producing this purity level is high! Conversely, on-site nitrogen generators allow you to generate nitrogen at the exact purity level necessary – which means you aren’t paying a premium for nitrogen that is almost 100% pure.

Reductions. Reduced need for storage space, reduced labor costs, reduced downtime, reduced safety risks, and reduced waste, among others. These significant reductions are realized by implementing on-site nitrogen generation in your facility.

Increased safety. The large nitrogen tanks are a safety hazard in and of themselves – imagine the high-pressure, heavy-weight projectile a tank can become if a valve is broken off! Conversely, on-site nitrogen generators have a stationary holding tank, which virtually eliminates that risk because the tanks aren’t moved from one place to another.

Cost savings. Rental fees on cylinders, unused nitrogen inside used tanks, hazardous material fees, delivery surcharges, price increases on purchased gas…the upfront and hidden fees that are associated with nitrogen delivery can be removed with on-site nitrogen generation!

Efficiency/Environment. Generating your own nitrogen on-site also has wins for efficiency and the environment. These include decreased CO2 emissions (no delivery vehicles needed!), no burned energy in converting nitrogen gas to liquid, and decreased waste by not returning partially-filled nitrogen tanks.

Interested in exploring on-site nitrogen generator solutions? Visit our Nitrogen Generator Solutions page for details!

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