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Remote Monitoring Technology Enables Effective Predictive Maintenance (Video)


In a recent article on PlantServices.com, writer Sheila Kennedy discusses several predictive-maintenance (PdM) technologies and applications – including the Atlas Copco SMARTLINK remote monitoring program – that help ensure optimal performance and continuous uptime of compressed air systems and other plant equipment. The article, Remote condition monitoring technologies enable effective, efficient predictive maintenance can be accessed on the Plant Services website and will be included in the December print edition.

Kennedy writes, “The most efficient and cost-effective predictive maintenance (PdM) programs are able to remotely access asset condition data and draw it into the cloud for analysis. These capabilities are increasingly being leveraged in internal, outsourced, and OEM-based PdM programs to enhance their success.”

Indeed, advanced data monitoring of equipment is one of the most effective strategies to help facilities avoid costly downtime and increase energy efficiency. A 24/7 real-time monitoring system provides data that can be analyzed for key performance indicators, such as pressure drops in an area of the system, that help predict problems and reveal where production can be optimized. This helps plant managers develop an ongoing plan to improve system usage and efficiency while minimizing downtime.

According to Atlas Copco’s Brian Blum, CTS optimization marketing, who was interviewed for the article, “SMARTLINK provides professionals with the information they need, from compressor running hours and maintenance alerts to a detailed analysis of the compressed air system’s energy performance, in order to proactively maintain maximum uptime, increase efficiency and, therefore, increase energy savings.

“Energy consumption typically represents 70 percent of the overall cost of a compressed air installation, making it imperative that plants invest in smart technologies that help reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency,” added Blum.

As a plant manager, you have better things to do than keep a constant eye on your compressed air systems. That’s where SMARTLINK comes in; it does the monitoring for you, plus alerts you when maintenance is needed. For more information on Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK solutions, check out this SMARTLINK video on YouTube or click on the video at the top of the post.

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