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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generation in Nut Packaging


If you’re like a lot of Americans, you probably nosh on chips, nuts, or other snack foods. But have you ever given any thought as to how those crunchy morsels are packaged – and manage to stay fresh?

Packaging and Nitrogen

The answer is Modified Atmosphere Packaging, commonly referred to as MAP. This process uses a blend of gases to slow down the food’s aging process, as well as to prevent deterioration and spoiling. Nitrogen is the essential gas for MAP, as it helps extend the shelf life of the products by delaying oxidation, controlling the food’s fats and oils, and increasing the amount of time the product stays fresh. By filling every pocket of space in a package with nitrogen (thus removing the oxygen), moisture and mold are eliminated. What you are left with is a fresher, tastier product that stays that way for longer.

Reduced Cost

Packagers can spend thousands on purchasing nitrogen from the gas company, which can make packaging with nitrogen cost-prohibitive. However, with an on-site nitrogen generator, you have nitrogen available when and where you need it – thus significantly reducing packaging costs. A few conditions to consider when determining which size nitrogen generator will fit your nut/snack packaging application include:

  • Storage conditions
  • Oxygen tolerance levels (purity)
  • Type of packaging materials
  • Natural shelf life (shelf life without nitrogen)

A Better Bottom Line

Interested in reducing nitrogen costs and ensuring the freshness of packaged products? Reach out to an Atlas Copco representative today! We can provide a no-hassle budgetary proposal and ROI upon request.

Explore our nitrogen generator product lines below:

NGP+ (PSA) Nitrogen Generator

NGM+ (Membrane) Nitrogen Generator

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