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Make Sure Your Air Compressors Avoid Downtime


Let’s face it, every plant manager knows the cost of downtime. It is something all businesses would like to avoid. One thing the pandemic brought to the forefront is not only how much revenue can be lost during downtime but also how it can mess up the supply chain and how that effect is felt globally.

Luckily Atlas Copco offers a few options to lower the risk of downtime on its products. Find out more about the options below.

Service Plans

Just like our bodies, air compressors need routine maintenance. Think of it like going to the dentist or doctor for your yearly physical. We do that to make sure we stay healthy and strong. That is what a service plan for your compressors can do as well. Selecting the right service lever will keep your production running efficiently while keeping operational costs under control. Our service experts can optimize the availability of your equipment. They spot and fix potential problems early, preventing efficiency loss and break downs.
Discover our service plans.

SMARTLink Technology

SMARTLINK captures live data from your compressed air equipment and translates them in clear insights. At a glance you can check uptime, energy efficiency and machine health. SMARTLINK 24/7 monitoring technology is offered with just about all new compressors. This is not about being ‘tied’ to your compressor but instead giving you peace of mind to ensure you can always be in control – no matter where you are working from. You can also think of remote monitoring as an ongoing audit that happens 24/7, and importantly, any potential issues are identified before they can become serious problems. The equipment needed for a data-logging audit can also be supplied with no need for a physical visit from the supplier.
Learn more about SMARTLINK Technology.

Backup systems

Another way to limit downtime is to add a second system. Adding a second compressor or running two smaller ones instead of one large one, for example, has never been easier. This is a contingency plan that after the last couple of years of supply chain issues that makes sense for a lot of companies.

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