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Introducing the ZB8+ Turbo Blower!


If your application requires airflows that are above 10,000 cfm, you’re in luck! Meet the ZB8+ integrally geared turbo blower, the newest product in our blower portfolio that has been specifically engineered for these types of applications. The new ZB8+ turbo blower is an excellent fit for customers with low-pressure applications that require a high flow & variable air demand, but who also desire to minimize their blower system’s lifecycle cost; examples include large municipal and industrial wastewater-treatment sites.

On top of these benefits, the ZB8+ also delivers oil-free quality air, high process uptime, high efficiencies, and high turndown. From the IGV, optional DGV, and the backwards leaned impeller design, our latest fixed speed geared turbo has a turndown of up to 45%, without compromising on efficiency. The modulating blow-off valve helps to further control the flow, ensuring reliable operation and broad application possibilities. All of these elements help cement the ZB8+ blower as a product with wide operational range and low operational costs.

Clear Air Assurance. The ZB8+ leverages over 60 years of oil-free compressor and blower technology. With our ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified products, no oil is added to the air during the compression process, which ensures there is no downstream contamination.

Low Operational Costs. Did you know that up to 80% of your blower’s lifecycle budget can be attributed to energy costs? The ZB8+ has been engineered as a low-operational cost blower – the latest in our innovative, energy-savings products line-up.

Interested in seeing if the ZB8+ would be the perfect fit for your facility or application? Our engineers are happy to walk you through the selection process! Reach out to us on www.atlascopco.com/blowers-usa for assistance.

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