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Establishing a System Baseline for Optimal Performance


Compressed air measurements are required to effectively manage your system for peak performance and reliability. It starts with gathering equipment data through a chosen system for data logging. Once these measurements are established, users should create a baseline as a point of reference for existing conditions, current performance levels and costs of the compressed air system at a specific condition level. 

To establish a baseline, collect data by measuring compressors:

  • Under normal operating conditions
  • Under other significant conditions (e.g., different product levels, seasonal variations, etc)
  • After changes to system operation (e.g., a new baseline)

After measurements have been taken and performance standards established, the data can be used to analyze whether or not the compressor system is performing optimally.

To improve your system’s energy efficiency, here are steps for establishing a baseline to decrease energy consumption:

  1. Measure and record power and pressure.
  2. Compare the flow (air consumption) and kW input power to prior readings.
  3. Calculate energy consumption and correlate to production levels.
  4. Adjust controls to avoid part-load operation. In multiple compressor systems, operate only one compressor at part load. Select the compressor with the best part-load performance.
  5. Maintain system pressure at the lowest practical level.
  6. Record and analyze all temperature readings. Take action to maintain compressor performance and reduce maintenance and repair costs.
  7. Analyze readings weekly.
  8. Regularly conduct leak surveys and repair all leaks.

Logging data and establishing a baseline will help in understanding your system’s operating efficiencies and provide guidance on sizing compressors. For more information on taking accurate measurements and baselining your system, reach out to an Atlas Copco expert today.

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