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Synthetic Oil for oil-injected rotary screw compressors
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Embracing the Future with Synthetic Compressor Oil


In today's world environmental responsibilities hold great significance and compressed air lubricants play a vital role in shaping a sustainable future. By making the shift from traditional mineral lubricants to advanced synthetic alternatives, you not only ensure optimal performance under any conditions but also contribute to the sustainability of your compressed air system while reducing your carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

Efficiency and Cost Savings with Synthetic Lubricants

Did you know that by using tailor-made synthetic lubricants for your oil-injected screw compressor, you can lower your energy costs, minimize lubricant consumption, and maximize your operational uptime?

You may be thinking how is that even possible? Synthetic lubricants achieve these benefits by:

  • Optimal Viscosity Behavior: Synthetic lubricants exhibit optimal thickness throughout the operation, ensuring smooth performance and reduced energy consumption.
  • Friction Reduction: With minimal friction losses, synthetic lubricants enable your compressor to operate efficiently, resulting in energy savings and improved overall performance.
  • Excellent Air Release: Synthetic lubricants excel in releasing air, preventing the compression of air bubbles, which can lead to inefficiencies. This feature ensures enhanced compressor performance and reduced energy consumption.
  • Stable Viscosity: Synthetic lubricants maintain a more stable viscosity throughout their service life, providing consistent protection and lubrication to critical compressor components. This stability translates into prolonged equipment life and improved operational efficiency.

Embrace Sustainability and Reduce Your CO2 Footprint

By transitioning to synthetic lubricants, you not only optimize your compressor's performance, but you also take significant steps towards reducing your CO2 footprint and minimizing your environmental impact.

When you switch to synthetic lubricants, you contribute to:

  • Reduced Crude Oil Production: Synthetic lubricants are derived from advanced synthetic base stocks, minimizing the need for extensive crude oil extraction.
  • Decreased Transport: With synthetic lubricants, there is a decreased requirement for transportation, resulting in lower carbon emissions associated with the logistics of lubricant distribution.
  • Minimized Packaging: By utilizing synthetic lubricants, you reduce the demand for packaging materials, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Synthetic compressor oil offers numerous advantages, ranging from energy savings and improved performance to a reduced environmental impact. By making the switch to synthetic lubricants, you not only equip your compressed air system for the future but also join the movement towards a greener and more sustainable world.

Choose synthetic compressor oil today and embrace a future that prioritizes efficiency, performance, and environmental responsibility.

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