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Compressed Air Piping Air Treatment

Efficiency of Compressed Air Distribution and Piping


Think about efficiency for a minute. Every year with constant innovation, things are becoming even more efficient. Everything from electronics to industrial machinery are being developed to get more done faster while using less power.

The same is true for Air Compressors, having a compressed air distribution system that is inadequate will lead to higher energy bills, low productivity, and poor air tool performance. There are three main demands which must be addressed to avoid inefficiency.

  1. Low pressure drop between the compressor and the point of consumption
  2. Minimal leakage from the distribution piping
  3. If no dryer, making sure there is proper condensate separation

These demands primarily apply to the piping installation for current and planned compressed air consumption. Routing, design, and making sure you are using the proper dimensions for your compressed air piping is important for the efficiency, reliability, and cost of compressed air production.

Rather than increasing a compressors working pressure to compensate for large pressure drops, which can decrease efficiency, it is recommended to evaluate the fittings. The best option for optimal efficiency is designing a closed loop ring pipe system. Once installed, pipes can branch out and run to various consumptions points. This approach will provide uniform compressed air supply as air is delivered to the consumption point from two directions.

Setting up your compressed air system for optimal performance with minimal pressure drops and leakage is important for achieving ultimate efficiency and a great place to start is to look at your piping installation.

Learn more about appropriate compressed air distribution by going to our compressed air wiki.

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