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OEM Compressed Air Solutions


Compressed air is essential to powering a vast amount of operations and applications in a variety of industries. But what happens when a certain industry has little to no experience with compressed air?

This is often the case in the OEM, or original equipment manufacturing, market. It’s common for these manufacturers to view compressed air simply as a utility that powers an operating cycle or product line, but not be aware of the particulars that go into making an educated compressed air selection.

With this in mind, it’s essential to discover a trustworthy and experienced OEM partner for the business. They will not only help in determining the specific compressed air system that will meet the application’s specifications, but will assist in finding the most cost-effective solution and ensuring all best practices are followed.

When selecting an OEM partner, here are three items to consider:

  1. Experience. This company should have extensive experience working in the OEM market, both as a valued partner and in delivering effective, custom-designed solutions.

  2. Product Ranges. Every application is different. The OEM compressed air provider needs to have an exhaustive compressed air portfolio of products and solutions.

  3. Design Knowledge. The OEM market is unique in that many solutions are custom-designed. From minor modifications to full-scale, personalized systems, ensure that the OEM partner has the proper knowledge to configure the best possible system.

Atlas Copco has a long history of collaborating with OEM customers, and we would be happy to discuss our OEM compressed air solutions with you. Learn more about our OEM market capabilities here.

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