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DZS200VSDplus pack 2-1600x1600

Plus is More – Meet the New DZS VSD+ Dry Claw Vacuum Pump!


The DZS VSD+ Overview

Introducing the DZS VSD+, a new range of intelligent dry claw vacuum pumps with integrated VSD+ technology. Perfect for rough vacuum applications, this family of pumps is able to operate at peak vacuum level without overheating. Combine this pump’s extremely low maintenance and small footprint with its intelligent VSD+ inverter drive, and you have one of the smartest and most durable vacuum pumps on the market today!

One key design feature of this new series is that all parts of the DZS VSD+ exposed to process are readily accessible and cleanable in under 30 minutes; there’s no need to send the pump back to the factory for service, cleaning, and retiming. Other design innovations include:

  • A pressure transducer is mounted into a built-in tee at the inlet of the pump, providing feedback for set-point control.
  • The inverter is built right ontothe top of the motor - there's no need for a separate panel and framework.
  • There is also an optional temperature sensor that can be mounted on the outlet of the pump for better process control.

What Makes the DZS VSD+ Stand Out?

Simply put, plus is more. The integrated VSD+ technology is certainly the hallmark of this pump; by enhancing the typical rugged, robust dry claw pump with smart technology, the DZS VSD+ is now a pump that achieves ultimate vacuum and flow – all while meeting demand. Additional standout elements of the DZS VSD+ are:

  • Removable, cleanable, and replaceable stainless steel claws
  • All maintenance can be completed on-site in under 30 minutes
  • Carry over and contamination is completely eliminated due to the dry, oil-free pumping chamber
  • Certified Class 0 ISO 8573-1 oil-free vacuum pump
  • VSD+ App provides ease of monitoring and commissioning of the DZS VSD+, as well as live visualization of the pump’s performance and settings, all from the convenience of a cell phone
  • Easy to accessorize – can add on various filters and other filtration solutions to meet requirements for any type of application

Atlas Copco is continually adding to our product portfolio. Check out our suite of additional vacuum pump products at www.atlascopco.com/vac-usa!

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