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Designing an Efficient Compressor Room: Location, Location, Location


Once upon a time, acquiring a compressor meant the customer had to purchase compressor components such as the electric motor, starter equipment, after-cooler, intake filters, etc., separately, assessing the quality between various component suppliers to ensure compatibility with the compressor. Today, manufacturers offer compressed air solutions with the complete compressor package housed in a sound-reducing enclosure, which helps simplify installation. But, before you can install your compressor package, you must first consider location.

The Centralized Compressor Room

Centralization of the compressor installation is preferable, regardless of industry. Benefits of a centralized compressor room include:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Easy access for users and service personnel
  • Protection against unauthorized access
  • Noise control
  • Simpler ventilation solution

Shared Spaces

Sometimes a separate compressor room is not available and the compressor package needs to be installed in a separate area that is used for more than one purpose. Certain risks and inconveniences of this type of installation include:

  • Noise disturbance from the compressor or ventilation
  • Overheating risks
  • Drainage concerns
  • Potentially hazardous surroundings or materials
  • Lack of space requirements for future expansion

Outdoor Installation

If there are no facilities available indoors, a compressor room can be built outside, as long as it is under a roof. Some considerations when planning an outdoor installation include:

  • Freezing risks and drainage concerns
  • Protection of air intake opening from rain and snow
  • Ventilation and solid, flat surface requirements
  • Protection from dust, inflammable or aggressive substances
  • Protection against unauthorized access

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