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Air Compressors

Guaranteed, Reliable Compressed Air Without Buying a Compressor?


AIRPlan offers a convenient option for getting compressed air on terms that fit your business goals.

We have all been there, you go into the compressor room and you know that your faithful air compressor is on its last legs… It has never let you down but now it’s becoming a huge burden on the energy bill and you are worried about maintenance and if it might actually go ‘grind to a shuddering halt! However replacing the old faithful compressor is not in the capital investment budget for this year and so it may feel like hope is the only strategy you have… But did you know there is a superb solution for this scenario in the form of AIRPlan? To take a step back for a second, Atlas Copco offers three different options for acquiring a new compressor and our job is all about finding the right one for you:

  1. Buying Equipment. You purchase the equipment, either outright or through our multiple finance programs! Learn more.
  2. Lease Equipment. You lease the equipment for a defined period and have the option to buy at the end of a lease.
  3. Buy Air Only. Purchase air like utility with AIRPlan.

With Atlas Copco’s AIRPlan you pay for your compressed air like a utility. You pay for what you use. Atlas Copco retains ownership of the installed equipment and provides all breakdown and preventative maintenance service for a fixed monthly payment.

There are many benefits to AIRPlan.

Low initial Investment

  • Only up-front expenses are demo/installation costs
  • No CAPEX expenditure for AIRPlan applicable equipment

Fixed cost of Ownership

  • Predictable, consistent invoices
  • No unexpected repair costs hitting the budget
  • No inflationary parts cost increases over time

Highest Service Level

  • Equipment monitored via SMARTLINK for quick response in case of problem
  • New equipment with all-inclusive bumper to bumper service
  • No worries about administration or unexpected costs as those are all covered by our Total Responsibility Service in AIRPlan

Compressed air as a service

  • Atlas Copco retains ownership of the equipment (Option to buy equipment at end of agreement or continue agreement)
  • Atlas Copco responsible for all maintenance and repairs
  • Ability to Upgrade equipment with adjustment to monthly cost.


With AIRPlan, the contract is signed for fixed term of 5 years with the ability to cancel without cancellation fee after 24 months.

If you would like to learn more please contact us today.

And as a final thought, depending on the age and model, we may even be able to buy back your old compressor and give it a second life through our OriginAir program!

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