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Compressed Air Keeps Our Trains on Track


With the advent of technology and improved infrastructure, our railway system has evolved dramatically over the past 200+ years. Today, millions of people have the luxury of taking high-speed trains traveling from country to country at ~200 mph. The idea of these bullet trains was unimaginable in the early 1800s when the first steam engine locomotive chugged along at only 4.97 mph.

Our transportation developments continue to move people and goods across the world, adding millions of jobs in construction, maintenance and operations. Unsurprisingly, these locomotives have a lot riding on them and require routine maintenance. One secret to keeping our trains on track? Compressed air. 

Compressed air powers many of the train’s vital functions, including its brakes, doors and suspension system. Without compressed air, trains wouldn’t be able to stop when needed, open/close doors or provide a smooth ride for passengers and cargo.

Experts recommend using oil-injected compressors like Atlas Copco’s GAR series for railway systems because these compressors: 

  • Withstand tough weather conditions, high humidity, shocks and vibrations
  • Have minimal downtime — the GAR series only requires 2.5 preventive maintenance interventions per year, including overhaul
  • Have low life cycle costs due to high reliability and long service intervals
  • Are compact due to their integrated fan concept and require minimum installation space, which helps reduce weight

Not only does compressed air power our locomotive industry, but it’s an invaluable resource for our transportation system as a whole. Subscribe to our blog to learn more about the importance of compressed air in all industries from food and beverage to wastewater and everything in between.

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