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Compressed Air and Gas A-Z Vlog: Ways to Buy an Air Compressor


When you’re thinking of purchasing a new air compressor, what comes to mind? That’s right – simply buying a compressor outright! And while an outright purchase is certainly the traditional way to buy a compressor, there’s been a shift in recent years in the way that compressed air providers approach equipment purchases to make purchases more flexible.

  • Option 1: The most common option is still simply buying the equipment. Keep in mind that you should always consider the availability of finance programs and low-interest and deferred payment options when going this route!
  • Option 2: Leasing your compressor! Many compressor manufacturers offer the option to lease the compressed air equipment for a set amount of time, and then you have the option to buy at the end of the lease. This is very similar to leasing a car.
  • Option 3: “Buying air only,” which is a newer and more flexible approach. This means that you purchase air like a utility, just as you would water, electricity, and heat. Depending on the program and provider, full system design services and all maintenance may also be included.
  • Option 4: Heard of a compressor in a box? That’s right! Containerized compressor rooms are becoming popular, as these are ideal for circumstances where you don’t have the time, space, or location to build a compressor room.

Our compressed air experts are available discuss which option would be best suited for your specific business needs and requirements! Visit us at www.atlascopco.com/air-usa to schedule a discussion.

About the Author. Katie Falcon is the contributing writer and editor for The Compressed Air Blog. She currently works at Atlas Copco Compressors as a Digital Marketing Specialist specializing in content creation and platform development. Reach her via email at katie.falcon@atlascopco.com. 


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