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Quiet Air Compressors: What You Need to Know


Air compressors are essential machines in many industrial operations. When one of them is down for unexpected reasons or scheduled service, it can be a disruption. But air compressors can be a disruption when they’re running, too.

Noise of any kind can be irritating in a work environment, causing problems big and small. Whether the noise is preventing effective communication between workers or damaging hearing, reducing the noise is always a good idea.

What causes air compressor noise?

Two main factors contribute to excess compressor noise: floor placement and friction. If your compressor is located on your facility floor near to your end use, you’re more likely to experience increased disturbance. If possible, moving your compressor to a separate housing room can reduce noise.

Friction can also determine how much noise a compressor makes. If the compressor has elements that come into in contact during the compression process, it will make more noise than one that doesn’t, such a s a screw compressor.

How can air compressor noise be reduced?

Like we said, moving a compressor farther away from workers will reduce the perceived noise, but that’s not always an option. The ideal way to reduce compressor noise is to purchase a quiet compressor. These compressors typically come in a housing that dampens and absorbs a portion of the sound.

Keep in mind that full enclosures around a compressor reduce noise significantly more than those that are partial enclosures. Unenclosed or partially enclosed compressors can still have noise levels as high as 90-100 dB(a), similar to that of a hand-held drill.

Where can you find a quiet air compressor?

Atlas Copco offers compressors with noise levels as low as 63 dB(a). For reference, that’s slightly louder than a normal conversation. Check out our range of oil-injected and oil-free compressors that can keep air production up and noise down. Does compressor noise effect your work environment? Let us know in the comments below.

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