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Air Compressors Use in Agriculture and Farming


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2015 and has been completely updated accuracy, comprehensiveness, and new information.

When you think of farming or agriculture, the tools of the trade that spring to mind are tractors, plows, shovels and scythes. But did you know that air compressors have been staples of this industry for decades – and in fact are helping to pioneer new and efficient ways of farm maintenance, crop production, and transportation? Take a look through a few of the most common applications below that are powered by compressors!

  • Hand Tools. Spray paint guns, pneumatic staplers, and nail guns are all types of hand tools that are powered by compressed air.  Want to repaint your shed, freshen up your fence railings, or put up new structures? You’ll need an air compressor for that.
  • Inflating Flat Tires. Your farm equipment runs (literally) on wheels. If you have a flat tire, it can derail your day and put you behind on your tasks. This is where an air compressor comes into play, as these can quickly and efficiently inflate the tires of your tractors, ATVs, and other mobile equipment.
  • Crop Protection. Ensuring that crops are protected from general bugs and pests becomes easier by mounting air compressors on the backs of vehicles, attaching the proper sprayer attachments, and your application is ready to go!
  • Dairy Machines. Milking robots are becoming commonplace in the dairy industry. Dairy farmers can maximize efficiency and profits by utilizing pneumatically-controlled milking robots which are powered by compressed air.
  • Materials Transportation. Pneumatic conveying systems are very common on farms, helping transport grains, powders, and other products to storage locations with little effort. An industrial vacuum pump could accomplish the same.
  • Wastewater Treatment. Some farms treat their wastewater on-site by using low pressure blowers to supply air for re-aerating their tanks. The re-aeration process assists aerobic bacteria in producing enzymes that break down waste.
  • Cleaning Production Areas. Want to tidy up your barnyard or storage areas? Cleaning systems powered by compressed air are remarkably efficient in power-cleaning these areas – and don’t involve other consumables that general cleaning methods do.
  • Storing Wind Energy. Though not a common practice, there is cutting-edge work being conducted on different ways in which air compressors can be used as storage devices for excess energy generated by wind turbines! For wind farms, this could be key for providing a more even distribution of power during times of flat wind.
  • Winterizing Irrigation Lines. Winter pretty harsh in your area? Air compressors are key in helping to clear irrigation lines of any excess water to prep for the winter months. This helps extend your irrigation lines’ longevity and decreases the amount of money spent on repairs.

Compressors are essential farm tools – they make small jobs easier and bigger jobs more manageable. To discover the full portfolio of industrial air compressors, visit www.atlascopco.com/air-usa! Our compressor experts are ready to help you decide which air compressor is ideal for your agricultural applications.

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