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Why Body Shops Need Clean Air


In recent years, the number of police-reported motor crashes resulting in property-damage has only totaled over 4 million each year. These types of accidents result in strictly vehicular damage and no personal injuries. Depending on the severity of damage, many of these automobiles are taken to body shops for repairs and paint refinishes. 

Once a damaged vehicle enters the repair shop, an experienced technician will assess the damage and recommend what repair work needs to be done. 

Here’s what you can expect if there are minor cosmetic damages requiring a paint refinish:

  1. If any dents or scratches are detected, the technician makes all necessary repairs before sending it on to be repainted.
  2. The vehicle is cleaned and rinsed of any oil and foreign objects.
  3. The vehicle is dried prior to paint application.
  4. An undercoat of primer is applied using an air compressor to form a substrate layer that allows the primer to properly adhere to the outer coat of paint.
  5. The vehicle goes through another stage of drying.
  6. The vehicle receives its main coat and finishing clear coat of paint.

Oil-free paint refinishes

Many auto shops now use water-based paints vs. solvent-based paints for these refinishes in order to comply with environmental regulations, reduce toxins and achieve better results. The water-based paints offer a brighter finish and are applied using oil-free compressors to avoid any oil contamination and paint streaking. Oil-free compressors offer consistent air flow for an even, polished look that reduces the need for future touch ups.

Moisture removal

For paint refinishes, moisture removal is key — not only with oil vapor but also with water that’s in the air. Adding a compressed air dryer and coalescing filters after the compressor is essential for the paint booth to remove any naturally occurring moisture.

Using Class Zero, oil-free air helps body shops speed up the repair process while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. If you’re interested in learning more about how oil-free compressors benefit body shops, make sure to contact an Atlas Copco expert.

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