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Unlock Your Compressed Air System’s Predictive Maintenance Potential


A recent article in Plant Services magazine discusses how data sharing and collaboration can bring predictive maintenance to life. New technologies that support data sharing among predictive maintenance software can help support more robust performance of equipment from across the entire plant’s footprint. And strategies such as collaboration between internal teams, with equipment OEMs and PdM solutions providers and among peers in the industry can help you make better sense of the big data surrounding you.

Predictive Maintenance and Your Compressed Air System

Industry surveys indicate that the average manufacturing facility can reduce its total energy consumption by 10 to 20 percent by implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices. The recovery of wasted industrial energy is an opportunity to improve financial performance in an increasingly competitive marketplace. However, many facilities lack clear strategies for the implementation of energy efficiency measurement and predictive maintenance practices within production processes.

Performing predictive maintenance through remote monitoring of compressed air equipment is one of the most effective strategies to help facilities avoid downtime. Whatever the facility’s production schedule, 24/7 remote monitoring is constantly compiling compressed air data in real time—data that can be analyzed for key performance indicators to predict potential problems. This helps plant managers develop an ongoing plan to improve system usage and efficiency throughout the production cycle.

Remote monitoring systems are intelligent and connected systems, generating emails or text messages when abnormalities in the compressor functions are detected. This provides a level of security and immediacy without requiring a physical presence. Though daily walk-by checkups on the machines provide a small amount of security as it relates to compressor uptime, a missed compressor warning could mean drastic consequences.

Tips for Maximizing Predictive Maintenance Potential

  1. Understand why predictive maintenance is important and quantify your business case by calculating the savings potential of implementing predictive maintenance strategies.
  2. Find and fix issues before they become problems and share the successes with teams across the organization.
  3. Incentivize employees who take an active interest in data monitoring and predictive maintenance; reward the behaviors that help your facility keep its competitive advantage.

If you’d like to learn more about Atlas Copco’s remote monitoring equipment that can help your facility maximize its predictive maintenance potential, simply contact us and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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