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And That's a Wrap on 2019!


It’s difficult to believe, but we’re days away from the end of 2019 – and the culmination of the entire decade! As a fun treat, we’re wrapping up the year with a roundup of our top ten blog articles from 2019. These cover a wide variety of topics, and it’s incredible seeing the diversity of subjects that our intrigue our readership. More to come in 2020!

  1. PSI, CFM, and HP: Understanding Air Compressor Measurements. The world of compressed air can be a bit difficult to untangle, fraught as it is with complex terms, tricky acronyms, and equipment nuances. Here we brought it back to the basics by explaining the three most common air compressor specifications you’re likely to run across: PSI, CFM, and HP.
  2. Industrial Vacuum Pump Working Principles. You might know that industrial vacuum pumps are used to pull air and gases from a sealed or confined space, but were you aware of the types of vacuum technologies and how each technology works? If not, you certainly will be by the time you’ve read this post!
  3. How to Prevent Your Air Compressor from Overheating. Compressors can overheat during any time of the year, but are most likely to happen during the hot summer months. Learn the causes of air compressors overheating, red flags that may indicate your system is overheating, and tips & tricks for preventing this from happening.
  4. Connected Air Compressors, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things. The buzz surrounding Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things is loud, and the compressed air world is quickly embracing & adapting these ideas. In this article, we covered how compressed air systems and industrial manufacturing are currently utilizing these foundational concepts, as well as some potential future implications.
  5. Nitrogen Generation in Laser Cutting. Did you know that nitrogen is the assist gas of choice in laser cutting applications? From dissipating heat to reducing discoloration to ensuring the cut is excellent, N2 is essential in this industry. You’ll also discover a few handy tips on how to properly size your on-site nitrogen generator along the way!
  6. Top Compressed Air Myths – Busted! A variety of false and misleading information exists about the compressed air industry, so we decided to celebrate April Fool’s Day in a useful manner – by debunking the myths that surround compressors and compressed air systems.
  7. Compressor Placement Impacts Performance. Though you may not realize it, where you place your compressor in the compressor room has an impact on its performance. We provide helpful details on items to consider when determining the proper location for your equipment, as well as a few ideas for what to do when you can’t avoid particularly-harsh environments.
  8. Why You Need a Backup Air Compressor. Think you shouldn’t invest in a backup compressor? Think again! Backup units are essential to both maintaining business productivity & eliminating the chance of downtime. Face it: even the best and most reliable of equipment can fail, so don’t let your business be on the receiving end of a downed unit.
  9. The Most Innovative 125-200HP Compressors of the Last Decade. It’s common knowledge that around 70% of a facility’s energy usage comes from its compressed air installation. Atlas Copco’s introduction of its newest large VSD+ technology, the GA 110-160VSD+ & ZR 90-160VSD+, makes it possible to reclaim a large chunk of this 70%. We even have a 10K Challenge revolving around these technologies, so we’d recommend checking this out!
  10. Oil-Free Compressed Air in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Due to the highly-sensitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry, oil-free air is a critical element of powering this industry’s processes. Learn more about the specific applications employing oil-free compressed air & how this prevents any product contamination from occurring.

And that’s a wrap! If there are any particular topics you’d like to see covered in 2020, let us know in the comments below 

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