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Testing for Microorganisms in Compressed Air


Note: This is an excerpt from our whitepaper, Testing for Microorganisms in Compressed Air: What Food and Beverage Processors Need to Know. Download the full whitepaper here.

Halting the Growth of Microorganisms

Potential for growth of micro-organisms in a compressed air system is tied to the moisture level (dew point) of the compressed air. In simple terms, if there is moisture in your compressed air, microorganisms such as mold and bacteria have the environment they need to grow and thrive. While it’s true that as air is compressed, much of the moisture present in the intake air will condense, enough moisture remains to allow micro-organisms to proliferate.

Air Testing

Compressed air testing should be a fundamental safety mechanism for your facility, like fire extinguishers and PPE. To ensure that your air systems meet the new requirements, you’ll need a carefully designed and implemented Compressed Air Monitoring Program to verify the effectiveness of your facility’s air filtration, air drying, and air system maintenance. A good starting point is a professional audit of your system for compressed air or other gases. A comprehensive air audit includes these elements:

  • Leak detection (ultrasonic and acoustic camera)
  • Supply side audit (pressure testing, flow metering,
  • cost)
  • Demand side audit (dew point monitoring, flow
  • metering, effectiveness)
  • Air quality testing (controlled sampling of your air,
  • lab testing and comprehensive report)
  • Professional air testing is simple, effective, non-intrusive
  • and affordable. It helps deliver key benefits for your
  • business:
  • Protects your product quality
  • Protects your brand
  • Guarantees peace of mind

Would you like to discuss compressed air testing more in-depth with a local compressed air expert? Visit us at www.atlascopco.com/air-usa or reach out to us directly here.


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