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Spring Cleaning Your Compressed Air System


Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time for spring cleaning to begin! Much like your home needs a deep clean, your compressed air system should also undergo spring cleaning to ensure everything is operating efficiently.

Consider these five suggestions when performing spring air compressor maintenance:

  1. Monitor Compressor Temperatures. Compressors generate a lot of heat. With spring having unpredictable temperature fluctuations, it’s essential to monitor temperatures closely to avoid overheated units and costly downtime.

  2. Check Compressor Room Ventilation. Warming conditions can result in overheated machines – often caused by lack of proper ventilation in the compressor room.

  3. Keep the Humidity in Mind. Warmer air holds more water vapor. When the air is cooled, this moisture condenses – and the increased amount of water means there is a higher risk of water entering your compressed air system. Counter this by servicing your dyers, drains, and condensate traps!

  4. Check Your Filters.Pollen and other allergens abound in springtime. Your filters will be working overtime to remove the increased amount of particulate matter from the compressed air, which could lead to clogged filters.

  5. Establish a Preventative Maintenance Schedule. Regularly-scheduled maintenance helps keep your compressors running in tip-top shape, no matter the season! Explore our preventative maintenance plans

Because your air compressor and its ancillaries are an essential part of day-to-day operations, maintenance during the spring months isn’t something that can (or should!) be overlooked. If the other items on your to-do list take precedence, simply reach out to Atlas Copco. We’ll be happy to assist and make sure that your compressor is ready to spring into spring!


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